Where do I return the car?

Return the car at the same station as you picked it up. Don't forget to fuel the car before returning it.

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  • Return your car at the same station as you picked it up

  • Lock the car and end the reservation in the app

  • Refuel the car if the fuel level is under 25%

Drop-off the car at the same station as you picked it up.
Return the car to the same station it was picked up from. Park the car at one of our designated parking spots at the station. If none of our parking spots are available, you can find more information here on what to do. And remember to refuel the car before returning it.

Lock the car and end your reservation.
Make sure you don't leave any belongings in the car, lock it, and end the booking in the app. If you don't end the booking, you’ll continue to be charged until the booking is ended. If you encounter problems with ending the booking, check the following:

  • Ensure all doors and windows (including the sunroof) are correctly closed.

  • Check that the parking mode is engaged and the engine is off.

  • For electric or hybrid vehicles, ensure the charging cable is correctly connected to both the car and the charging station. If you encounter charging issues, follow the steps displayed in your app.

We will remind you to check the car one extra time to ensure that you haven't forgotten anything when you end your reservation. Check the boxes in the list when you're ready.

Parking during your reservation
You’re not allowed to park your Volvo On Demand or private car at our stations during an ongoing booking. You’re responsible for parking yourself.

Remember to fuel the car before returning it.
If the fuel level is below 25%, refuel the car before leaving it at the station. A fee for returning the car with less than 25% fuel will be added to your booking.
Read more about fueling here.

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