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5 things to think of before your trip
5 things to think of before your trip
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Volvo On Demand is a smarter way of having a car. With a few easy steps on the app, you’ll create an account, make a reservation, and unlock the car. Then drive. Here, we've gathered information to keep in mind when driving with Volvo On Demand.

1. Refueling and charging

When driving with Volvo On Demand, fuel and charging are included. If you need to refuel or recharge, a fuel card is available in all cars. The card is placed on the sun visor on the passenger side of the car, and you can use it as needed during your trip. You'll find all the information you need in your reservation details in the app.

Need to charge the car? Download the Circle K Charge app to find your nearest charging spot.

Read more about fueling and charging here.

2. Damage control and reporting

Check for any damage before starting your trip. Each car has a digital damage log that you find in the booking details. If you discover damage, you can start by checking if it's mentioned in the log. You don't have to do anything if you find the damage on the list.

Have you found any new damage that wasn't included in the damage log? Report it from the booking details in the app. Report a new damage immediately after you find it. You only have to report dents and scratches bigger than a credit card, but report all damages on the tires. You are never responsible for any damage that you report before your trip.

If an accident occurs during your booking, please contact our Customer Care team at +46 8-580 974 54. It's good to know that your car is insured. We'll ask you to send pictures and describe what happened.

3. Key sharing

If you want to share your key with someone else, you can start sharing the key from anywhere as soon as you’ve made a booking. Remember that the person you’d like to share the key with needs an account and the app. Both you and the person you share the key with can unlock, lock, and drive the car, but only you can make, edit, or end a booking.

You can share the key with one person at a time. If you want to share it with someone else during the same booking, choose to stop sharing the key, and then you can share it with someone else directly from the app in the booking details.

Read more about key sharing here.

4. Edit your booking

If your plans change and you need to update your booking, remember that:

Cancel your booking at least: 6 hours before the starting time if you drive with Free, 4 hours if you drive with Plus and 30 minutes if you drive with Super.

You can cancel your booking for free 6 hours/4 hours/30 minutes before your trip starts. If you cancel your booking within 6 hours/4 hours/30 minutes, you'll pay 50%. If you cancel your booking after it starts, you'll pay for the full booking. Please note that this applies regardless of how long your original booking is. Read more here.

Edit an upcoming reservation: in the app. Edit or delete an upcoming booking in the booking details in the app. Find all your bookings in the calendar view and then click on the booking you want to edit. From here, you can change the time, stations, and car models.

Extend an ongoing trip: Usually, you can extend the end time of your booking directly in the app. When you extend your trip you pay for the extended time in minutes. If you can't prolong the reservation by yourself and are late to drop-off the car, you need to contact Customer Care.

5. Returning the car

When your trip is coming to an end, and you’re about to return the car and end the booking, remember to refuel the car if the fuel level is under 25% for hybrid, diesel, and gasoline cars, and charge the car if the battery is under 10% for fully electric cars. Also, make sure you connect the charging cable to the station.

Return the car to the same station where you picked it up. Park your car at one of the available parking spots.

Remember to double-check that you don’t leave personal belongings in the car. The car should be fresh and clean, and no trash should be left behind. If you have forgotten something in the car, you can still access the car a while after you have ended your booking.

Lock the car and end your booking. We'll remind you to check the car one extra time to ensure you haven't forgotten anything when you end your booking. Check the boxes in the list when you're ready.

Thanks for driving with Volvo On Demand.

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