How does the key work?
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  • Lock and unlock the car with the app during your reservation.

  • The key connects to the car via Bluetooth.

  • If you're inside the car, lock the car with the lock buttons in the driver's door.

The Volvo On Demand app is your key to the car. Unlock the car with the swipe function in your booking. There is no physical key in the car, so use the app to lock and unlock the car throughout your reservation.

If you have unlocked the car but have not opened any door within approximately 1 minute, the car will automatically lock, and you will need to unlock it again.

The key connects to the car via Bluetooth, so ensure that you have allowed the Volvo On Demand app access to Bluetooth.

If you wish to lock the car from the inside, use the lock button in the driver's door. The car will automatically lock when you start driving and reach a specific speed.

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