Can I go abroad with the car?
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  • If you plan to travel outside of Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland you need a written approval from us.

  • You need to pay for road tolls outside of Sweden yourself.

  • If you refuel in another country, make an expense on your own and we will reimburse the cost.

You may use the service in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland without written approval from us. If you want to travel outside of Scandinavia and Finland, you are welcome to contact us by email to apply for a written approval.

Congestion taxes in Sweden is always included, but Öresundsbron is not included in the price. Keep in mind that you need to pay road tolls outside of Sweden yourself.

Our Circle K fuel cards work at Circle K and Ingo in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

If you need to refuel in another country, you must make a payment and save the receipt and we will reimburse you the cost. Make sure to take a picture of your receipt, send it to us in our chat or to our email address along with your bank details, and we will refund you within 14 days. You will also receive an email from us once we have processed your expense and the money is on its way to you.

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