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Did you forget something in the car?
Did you forget something in the car?

Don’t worry. It’s easy to get your things back.

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It happens to the best of us. Sometimes you end your journey, lock the car, and then realize there’s something still inside (sunglasses, laptop etc.). Don't worry! You can go back and get your stuff, even if your booking is over. Check in the app if you still have access to your digital key. It's available up to 1 hour after your booking is over.

Can't see your digital key in the app after your booking? No problem, we’ll help you. Chat directly in the app, or call us on 08-580 974 54. If the time is between 22:00 to 07:00, we recommend you to book the car for an hour, pick up what you forgot, and end the booking. Email us at or chat in the app after 7 AM, and we will provide you with a coupon for the equivalent amount to use on a future booking.

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