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All you need to know about payment and pricing.

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  • The cost depends on which car you choose.

  • Fixed price every month–with no lock-in contract.

  • You get the first 1 500 km/month free of charge. After that, a cost of 2 kr/km follows.

What does it cost per month?

The cost is based on which car you choose and the distance you drive. When you drive with a monthly reservation, a fixed monthly rate is included for the car. To see the current rate, start a reservation in the app. You can also compare the prices on the different models here.

The first 1 500 kilometers/month is free of charge, then a cost of 2 kr/km is added.

What is included in the fixed price?

With a monthly reservation, you pay for the flexibility of being able to drive as much as you like from a month up to a year–with no lock-in contract. With a monthly subscription, you can always feel safe with full insurance and excess reduction. You can also choose to add a excess waiver. Read more about insurance here.

Which payment methods can I choose?

We accept debit and credit cards. Before you reserve a car, you need to add a card as a payment method. Go to the app and account settings, tap on “No card added” and update your payment information. The cost is automatically deducted on the first day of a new 30-day period.

Is parking included in the price?

Parking is not included during a reservation–whether in separate parking spots or on our stations.

Can the price increase for some months?

No. When you sign up for a subscription, dynamic prices do not apply–as in our other solutions. With a monthly subscription, you always get the same pricing each month–based on which car you choose.

Is fuel included in the price?

When you drive with a monthly reservation, fuel is not included in the price. That’s why there is no refuelling card in the car.

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