Your safety is important to us. Here’s everything you need to know about insurance when you’re driving with a monthly reservation.

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Feel safe with a full insurance when driving with Volvo On Demand. The insurance covers damage to the car, other property or personal injury. The included insurance comes with excess reduction, which lowers the fee you’d have to pay in the event of damage or personal injury.

  • A full insurance is always included when driving On Demand.

  • Excess reduction is included in the insurance.

  • To eliminate the fee entirely while staying fully insured, you can purchase excess elimination.

  • The insurance covers damages that happen during your subscription, from the time you picked the car up until you return it.

Am I fully insured if something happens during the entire subscription period?

Yes. You are always fully insured when driving with Volvo On Demand–with no extra cost. The insurance applies during the entire subscription period–from the time you pick up the car until you return it. Excess reduction is always included in the insurance, which limits your excess fee that you would need to pay in the event of damage to the car, to other property, or personal injury.

You can also choose to opt out of the excess reduction at any time up until the start of your trip.

The insurance is sold by Trygg-Hansa Försäkring filial. Read more at

What is included in the insurance?

We always offer full insurance, free of charge. The insurance covers damage to the car, other property and personal injury.

How much is the excess fee?

Excess reduction lowers the excess fee from 12 000 to kr 7 000 kr in the event of damage to the car. For damage to other property or personal injury, the maximum fee is limited to 4 000 kr.

How can I eliminate the excess fee?

To avoid paying any fees connected to damage or personal injury when driving with Volvo On Demand, you can purchase our excess elimination option. Excess elimination is also full insurance and costs 1 667 kr/month.

What happens if I find damage to the car before I start my first trip?

If you should spot damage to the car before your first trip that someone else caused, you are of course not responsible for it. When you subscribe to Volvo On Demand, we check that the car is in good condition before it ends up in your custody. If you spot damage to the car while picking it up, you easily report it directly in the app.

What if something happens during my trip?

If something happens during your trip, you should report it straight away. In the event that an insurance report needs to be made, we will contact you and ask you to fill in a form provided by our insurance partner, Trygg-Hansa.

Let’s look at a scenario:

Imagine the car becomes damaged during your reservation which would cost a minimum of 7 500 kr to repair.

If you have included insurance with excess reduction: You’ll need to pay 7 000 kr excess and the insurance will cover the remaining 500 kr.

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