How does the Remote Heater work?

Cold and icy day? Thanks to the Remote Heater, you can warm up the car before your reservations starts, straight from the app. Here’s how.

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  • You can start the Remote Heater from the app as soon as your reservation becomes active. Please be aware that not all cars are equipped with the remote heater function from the app, however you can always warm up the car once in it.

  • The remote heater starts automatically before your trip if you drive an electric car

  • If the app says the Remote Heater is unavailable, it may be because the fuel level or battery level of the high is not high enough.

  • The Remote Heater reduces the fuel consumption of your trip as well as helping you avoid scraping ice off windows on a cold winter’s day.

How do I warm up my car before the start of a trip?

You can start the Remote Heater from the app as soon as your reservation becomes active. Simply tap ‘warm up your car’ to fire up the heater.

When you book an electric car with us, the remote heater starts automatically 15 minutes before your booking becomes active. Entering a warm car is not only a pleasant way to start a trip, but it's also better for the car's battery and range. If you want to know more about this, go here.

How long does it take to warm up the car?

Once you’ve turned on the Remote Heater, a countdown timer of 15 mins will start. You can stop the Remote Heater at any point during those 15 minutes.

The app says the Remote Heater is unavailable. Why?

It could be one of a number of reasons, such as whether is located at an indoor station. In all cases, please trust that we have safety, sustainability, and reliability in mind.

What's good about the Remote Heater?

By warming up your car, you won’t waste any precious time scraping ice off the windows at the start of your trip. The temperature should be comfortable from the moment you get behind the wheel and you shouldn’t need to keep on any bulky winter wear.

Please note: For safety reasons, do not start the Remote Heater if the car is parked in any indoor space. Thanks for understanding.

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