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How much will my trip cost?
How much will my trip cost?
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Search for a car in our app to get an estimated total price. You’ll see it right before you confirm a booking. Once you complete your trip, the actual total price will be calculated automatically. It’ll be based on the actual distance you drove.

The total price depends on:

1. Your price plan

We offer two price plans: Free and Premium.

With the Free plan, prices start at 85 kr/h. The hourly price will vary depending on the general demand for cars when you book.

As a Premium user, you get a fixed hourly price — 75 kr/h on weekdays and 85 kr/h on weekends (Fri 17.00–Sun 17.00).

2. Your booking

The variable cost of your trip is based on how long you’ll book the car for, how far you will drive, if you add excess reduction/elimination, and if you upgrade to a Polestar or XC90, which cost a bit more.

Price example

Say you’re on the Free price plan

You book a car for 3 hours (starting at 85 kr/h)

You drive for 45 km (2 kr/km)

Total cost = 345 kr

Related questions

Which price plan should I pick?

Compare the two plans to see which one suits you best.

What insurance options are there?

You’re always fully insured when driving with us. You can choose to add excess reduction or elimination. View details.

Is parking included?

During your booking you always pay for parking yourself.

How/when do I pay?

We accept all major credit cards and charge you after you finish the trip. Invoicing is available for Business customers.

Can I cancel my price plan?

Of course, cancel or change it at any time. There are no lock-ins.

Can I book a car for a month or more?

Definitely! Sign up for a monthly car to get all the benefits, but none of the hassle, of having your own car. Immediate access without long lock-ins.

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