How do I start my reservation?

Find the car by following our descriptions in the app. Don't forget to check for potential damages before jumping into the car.

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  • Find the car by using the information in the booking details

  • Check for any damage before starting your trip.

  • The cars are keyless, you open the car with the digital key in the app

Find the information you need in your booking details. Click on the booking from your Home screen. From here, you can see how to get to the station and how to find the car.

Check for any damage before starting your trip.
If you find a new damage that is not mentioned in your car's digital damage log, we'd like you to let us know about it right away. You are never responsible for any damage that you report before your trip and that the previous driver may have caused.

Unlock the car. When your reservation starts, you can access to the digital key through your booking details. The digital key is a button that you use to lock and unlock the car. The car must be within range and Bluetooth needs to be enabled on the phone.

Start the car. All cars have an auto gearbox. Start the car by pressing the brakes at the same time as you click on/turn the start button.  

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