How to make a reservation?

When, where and what car do you need? Tell us if you need a tow bar or add excess waiver to your reservation!

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Use the + in the app to make a new reservation. Let us know when, where and what car model you need, and we'll show you our best options for you! Confirm your reservation when you find the car that you want to drive.

  • Minimum time for a reservation is 1 hour

  • Choose your car model and tell us if you need a tow bar

  • Add excess waiver to your reservation

The minimum time for a reservation is 1 hour and the maximum duration for a reservation is 60 days. One hour and 15 minutes, 3 hours or four days? Make your reservation for as long as you need it. 

Book the car model for your needs and tell us if you need a tow bar. Choose an XC90 for your ski trip, an XC40 for your quick errands, or a car with a tow bar.

Full insurance is always included when you drive with Volvo On Demand, with the option to eliminate excess. Excess is the amount you pay in case of an accident that results in damages to your car or other property or in case of personal injury. Learn more about our insurance options here.

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