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We are making a change to our price plans and are adding a third plan; Free, Plus, and Super.

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You can read more about our plans and the prices and benefits that apply on our website.

Why are we making this change?

By adding a third price plan, we can tailor our offers to the different needs and preferences of our users, providing even more flexibility and choices. This enables us to offer a more varied experience that suits different driving patterns and budgets. With a wider range of pricing plans, we can maximize the value for our customers.

What do I need to do to get a new plan?

You don't need to do anything to be moved to the new plan, as everything happens automatically. If you previously had Free, you will continue to have it unless you choose to try Plus or Super yourself by upgrading your app.

What happens to me if I had Premium?

If you've had Premium until today, you'll automatically be placed on the Super plan at the same price you already pay, 395 kr per month (regularly 595 kr per month). The offer is valid for 12 months, or until you downgrade to the Plus or Free membership, then you'll automatically get the regular price of 595 kr.

What about the booking that I made before April 24?

Trips already booked are not affected by the new pricing plans. Your booking will remain at the same price.

If you modify an existing booking (such as time, car model, or station), the new prices will apply to your booking. You'll always see the updated price in the app before your changes are confirmed.

Why wasn't the change communicated in advance?

We always strive to provide clear and accurate information to our customers, and when it comes to changes that are detrimental to our paying customers, we always do it 45 days in advance.

By waiting for the right time to communicate the changes, we can ensure that we deliver this in the best possible way.

Are you curious to try the new Plus plan? You can do so for two months at no cost by adding the code TryPlusNow to your Volvo On Demand app. If you don't want to continue with Plus after that, remember to cancel your plan before the end of last month.

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