2 accounts - 1 app.

Do you drive both for work and privately? Now you can easily switch between your business account and personal account.

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Instead of having to log out and in between your business account and personal account, you can now easily switch between accounts via the icons in the upper left corner of the app. The feature is available with the latest app update.

How do I add a second account?

Navigate to the Account section of the app and click on "Add business/personal account". After logging in or creating a new account, the icon to quickly switch between accounts will be visible both on the Home and Account screens.

What is the difference between a business account and a personal account?

With a business account, the company is responsible for the booking and not the individual driver. It's possible to add a field for each trip describing the purpose of the trip. There is also a portal to access booking data and resources such as environmental reports. You can read more about all the benefits of a business account at our website.

Does this affect my accounts in any way?

No. You just need to ensure that you are logged into the correct account when you want to drive for the company or privately.

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