Offer from night to morning

Keep the car overnight. Discounted price on weekdays between 5 PM and 8 AM.

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Pick up a car in the city near your job. Drive home, run errands, do grocery shopping, pick up the kids. The next morning, return the car and start your workday anew. More hours, less stress!

Free 495 kr (regular price from 995 kr)

Plus 395 kr (regular price from 955 kr)

Super 345 kr (regular price from 895 kr)

Also, you don't pay extra for the car models that are usually a bit more expensive. Kilometer fees apply just as usual.

Here's how it works:

  1. Book your car, Monday-Thursday, from 17:00 to no later than 08:00 the next day.

  2. Pick up the car at a station near you.

  3. Return the car before 08:00 the following morning.

  4. Satisfied? Book again.

Be on time. The ordinary daily rate will apply if you extend or return the car later than 8 AM. The offer does not apply to booking from Friday night to Monday morning.

The discounted price is automatically applied in the app; you don't need to do anything. This offer applies on private accounts, not business accounts.

Good to know is that you can use the parking spot during your booking overnight, it applies to the parking spot from which you picked up the car. If it's an electric car, charging at the station is also included, and you are expected to charge the car if it's parked at the station. This applies only to the car you booked through On Demand.

Drive safely!

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