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Problem with charging your car
Problem with charging your car
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If you're experiencing issues charging your electric vehicle, you can troubleshoot by following the steps below:

  • Ensure you have correctly inserted the charging cable into both the car and the charging station. Sometimes, you may need to hear a ”click” for the charging cable to be securely attached to the car (especially on XC40 Recharge).

  • Check if the car has a specific limit for how much it can charge (max charging level). You can do this on the car’s center display, which may look like the following:
    Image 1: Current battery level
    Image 2: Set “max charge level”

  • Contact the company that owns the charging station to see if there is any disruption. Contact information should be available at the charging station or nearby.

  • Also, check the color of the light at the car’s charging port, on the driver’s display in the car, and at the charging cable on the charging station:

    Green: The car is fully charged and ready to use but may also indicate that charging is in progress at certain charging stations, such as MER.

    Blue: The car is currently charging.

    Yellow: Charging is waiting to start. This often appears before charging is initiated by the current electricity provider.

    Red: An error has occurred. Check the connection of the charging cable or any disruptions with the electricity provider.

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