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Driving log and environmental report for your company
Driving log and environmental report for your company

As an administrator, you can quickly get a summary of the company's trips when in login mode on the website.

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Log in to your Business Dashboard to access the information.

The driving log contains the following:

  • Driver

  • Reference for the trip

  • Cost center for the trip

  • Station and car registration number

  • Booked start and end time and actual start and end time

  • Booked total time and actual booking time

  • Station address

  • Distance

  • Type of fuel

  • Fuel/battery consumption

  • CO2 emissions (kg)

  • Reason for the trip (filled in by the driver when booking)

  • Cost - total and including VAT

The environmental report contains the following:

  • Distance driven

  • Fuel consumed

  • Fuel consumption per 10 km

  • CO emissions (g)

  • CO2 emissions (kg)

  • HC emissions (g)

  • HCNO emissions (g)

  • NOx emissions (g)

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