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Invite-a-friend Discount: Give 300 kr – get 300 kr.
Invite-a-friend Discount: Give 300 kr – get 300 kr.

Invite your friends with your personal welcome code and get rewarded yourself when they have made their first trip!

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For your friends

Share the fun. Go ahead and share the welcome code with up to 10 friends. The code will get them 300 kr off on their first trip. The discount will be valid for 30 days and only for new customers (anyone who hasn’t had an account with us during the last 12 months). You may only invite people you know personally. And remember, even though you’re a big fan of yourself, you can’t invite yourself.

For you

When your friend ends their first trip you’ll get your 300 kr discount. It’s valid for 30 days and will automatically be added to your next trip. You can use one discount per trip.

To get the full discount, make sure the total price of your trip is higher than 300 kr. If it’s lower, you’ll still get a discount of course. But keep in mind you can’t use the remaining sum for another trip.

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