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New kilometer rate, starting April 15, 2024.
New kilometer rate, starting April 15, 2024.

To continue offering you a car-sharing service of the highest quality, we’ll make some adjustments to our pricing.

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  • Charging will be included in the price, just as fuel is included today.

  • New kilometer rate for electric cars will be 2.50 kr, just like for other cars.

  • You’ll also be able to use the parking spot and its charging box during your booking.

  • As a private customer, the adjustment applies from April 15, 2024.

  • For you as a business customer, the new kilometer rate will be 2 kr, excluding VAT, and the change will take place from March 31, 2024.

What does the price adjustment mean?

Fuel is always included in your booking today, and soon charging for your electric car will also be included. In electric cars, there will be a charging card to use at Circle K and MER stations. Download the Circle K Charger app to easily see where you can charge.

The new kilometer rate of 2.50 kr applies to both Free and Premium customers.

Why are prices adjusted?

Partly due to increased overhead costs, but also to now being able to include charging in the price instead of you being responsible for the charging cost yourself. We also want to make our pricing model clearer with a uniform kilometer rate where both fuel and charging are included.

What is covered by the price adjustment?

The hourly price from 85 kr per hour ( 75 kr with Premium) still applies. It’s only an adjustment of the kilometer rate for electric cars.

Do the price adjustments affect existing bookings?

Bookings already made by private customers or made up until April 15 are not affected by the price adjustment.

What happens if I change a booking after April 15, 2024?

If you change a booking after April 15 (for example, time, car model, or station), the new kilometer rate will apply to your booking.

Can I park and charge the car at the station during my booking?

Yes, starting April 15, you can use the parking space during your booking. You can park in the parking space where you picked up the car. If it's an electric car, charging at the station is also included, and we encourage you to charge the car if it's parked at the station. This only applies to the car you booked through On Demand.

What should I think about when returning the electric car?

When returning the electric car, make sure it has at least 10% battery remaining and plug in the charging cable to allow time for charging before the next customer's use.

Does this also apply to me as a business customer?

Yes! As a business customer, the kilometer rate for you will be 2 kr excluding VAT. The change will take place for business customers from March 31, 2024.

What about monthly reservations?

Monthly reservations have different user rules and are not affected by this change. Read more about our monthly offer here.

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