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Information about updates in the car during your monthly trip with us.

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Our monthly cars are updated wirelessly with the “Over-the-air” remote service (OTA). Software updates improve your car's performance, functionality, and safety features without visiting a workshop.

  • Download and install new software in the car directly on the car's center display.

  • Installation takes up to 90 minutes, during which time the car can’t be used.

  • An electric car needs at least 40% battery and can’t be left charging during installation.

How to update via over-the-air

Software updates are sent directly to your car. You update in 2 steps: One download phase and one installation phase.


The software package is automatically downloaded in the background when you drive your car. If the download is incomplete when you stop driving, it will resume the next time you drive the car.


You'll receive a message in the car's center display with instructions when the new software is downloaded.

You can choose to start the installation immediately or postpone it. You can easily find it again by swiping from the top of the screen.

Press the installation button in the center display to start the installation. Then leave the car and lock the doors.

You’ll be informed via a message in the car’s center display when the installation is completed.

Good to know

You must lock the car during the installation of the software. The installation can last a maximum of 90 minutes, and you can’t use the car during the installation.

For pure electric cars, you need to ensure that the battery level is higher than 40% before installation, and the car mustn't charge during the software installation.

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