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How to drive sustainably with Volvo On Demand?
How to drive sustainably with Volvo On Demand?
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First of all, you're already contributing to driving sustainably by sharing a car with us!

Volvo On Demand replaces 11 privately owned cars because our customers have chosen to either sell their car, or not buy their own car, and share instead. Privately owned cars also stand still 95 percent of the time. By sharing a car with more people, we can ensure that each car is used as efficiently as possible.


Each car is equipped with a fuel card for our customers to refuel with at our partners Circle K and Ingo. Several Circle K offers renewable fuel alternatives; these are the best options. Otherwise, there is MilesPlus, a fuel that reduces consumption.

These are the best options for our cars;

  • D HVO100 (for diesel cars)

  • Biodiesel B100 (for diesel cars)

  • MilesPlus (for diesel and petrol cars)

You can read more about the different fuel alternatives here.


Remember to always plug in the charging cable when returning the car to the station.

Some of our regular excursion destinations also offer free charging, perfect if you need to charge during your trip! Download the ChargeFinder app to easily find free charging spots near you.

Drive efficiently on fuel

The best way is to avoid rapid braking, accelerations and idling.

Driving a hybrid and staying in the city? Then you can choose to only drive on electricity. Select "Drive mode" on the home screen or in the center console depending on the car model. Then select “Pure”.

Otherwise, the default setting is "Hybrid", which is better suited if you’re driving on a country road or highway. Then the car automatically switches between electricity and fuel.

Want to learn more about the different settings in the car? Read more here.

Our cars

We are currently converting our fleet to be fully electric. While waiting for more hybrids and electric cars, we will still have diesel cars available. You can not choose whether you want to book a hybrid or diesel car, but if you'd like to drive on electricity only, you can choose C40, XC40 Recharge or Polestar 2 in the app.

Enjoy your trip!

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