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Now you can analyze your driving habits in the app
Now you can analyze your driving habits in the app

Time to check your driving through the rear view mirror.

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How many journey’s have you made in the past month, year, and in total? What percentage of your trips have been on electricity? Which car model has been your favorite to use? Check your driving habits directly in the app.

Simply look back at your driving through log in to your account and click on “Driving habits”. Here, we have collected all your journey’s with Volvo On Demand, how far you have driven, when you drive, and how many journey’s you have made so far.

Just by sharing a car, you have contributed to a greener city. Now we take another step for the environment and calculate what percentage of your trips have been powered by electricity–both for you and for us, because together we create sustainable driving habits.

How do you calculate the percentage of my journey’s that have been driven on electricity?

When you drive a hybrid, we calculate how much of the total journey you could drive on the car's battery.

Example: if you drive 10 km in total and the car's battery runs out after 5 km, we will count it as if you drove 50% on electricity. Due to a previous restriction, we could not start measuring electricity consumption on hybrids until about 1 year ago. This means that older trips are not counted correctly, which may affect your overall statistics.

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