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How does seasonal tire shifting work?
How does seasonal tire shifting work?

All you need to know about tire shifting when driving with a monthly reservation.

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  • You’ll receive an email from us when it is time to shift the tires.

  • You book an appointment and drive the car to the Volvo workshop.

  • We will cover the costs.

I have received an email about seasonal tire shifting. What do I do now?

With a monthly reservation, you have to book an appointment at the specific Volvo workshop you have been assigned to yourself and drive the car to the workshop at the booked time. We’ll cover the costs of tire shifting.

In about 15 minutes, the workshop will help you shift the tires on your car. Our trusted workshops are able to handle our cars with our digital keys.

How do I know which workshop I have been assigned?

Information about which workshop you can book an appointment with can be found in the email.

How do I book an appointment?

In the email, you can click on “Book an appointment” to come to the booking page. Then, fill in the car's license plate number and choose the specific Volvo workshop that you have been assigned to.

If you reserved your car in Malmö, you contact the workshop directly. Contact information can be found in the email.

When does seasonal tire shifting take place?

You book a time that suits you. But keep in mind that in the case of winter road conditions and during the period December 1 – March 31, there is a legal requirement for winter tires. From October 1 to April 15, winter tires are allowed in winter road conditions. Before and after the winter period, summer tires are required.

How do I know which type of tires the car will shift to?

The email contains information about which tires your car will be equipped with.

I haven’t received an email about tire shifting, what should I do?

If your car is not equipped with all-seasonal tires, you can check your junk mail to see if the email has ended up there. If you can't find the email there, contact Customer Care for more help.

For those of you who have a car with all-seasonal tires, you will not get an email about shifting tires, as the tires work on all road conditions.

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