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How do I access the towbar?
How do I access the towbar?
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Our towbars are foldable and semi-electrical, meaning you have to actively fold out the towbar. You will find a button in the luggage compartment where you fold the towbar out. To book a car with a towbar, choose Car with towbar in the booking flow.

Here you’ll find instructions on how to fold out the towbar.

  1. Open the trunk of the car.

  2. On the right, you’ll see a panel with three buttons. See image.

  3. Press the button with the towbar symbol, see image.

  4. The towbar will fold out when the yellow lamp blinks.

  5. When the towbar is out you need to lock it into position – simply pull it gently upwards.

  6. The towbar is now ready!

Remember that the maximum weight for trailers on our cars is 2000 kg with B-license.

What is the maximum weight on trailers for the cars?

The maximum weight, shown in the app, is based on the cars total weight (one driver and no passengers). That leaves 2000 kg left for the trailer with a regular B-license. If you have another driver license that allows you to drive heavier trailers, you’re allowed to drive heavier trailers. You, as driver, are always responsible to make sure that the maximum weight of the trailers don't exceed Transportstyrelsen rules.

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