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Polestar 2 - Quick start guide
Starting and stopping the engine (Polestar 2)
Starting and stopping the engine (Polestar 2)

Quick guide to your Polestar 2

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There is no start and stop button on our electric cars. Simply press the brake pedal and follow the instructions on the dashboard.

Doesn't your car start?
No problem; see suggestions on what to do in the list below:

  • The car's electric motor is always prioritized, so it can be very quiet at startup; therefore, try holding down the brake pedal and shifting to D or R to ensure that the car has started properly.

  • If the engine hasn't started after 3 attempts, wait 3 minutes before trying again. The starting ability increases if the starter battery is allowed to recover.

  • The car cannot be started if the charging cable is still plugged in. Be sure to remove the charging cable and close the charging port before starting the car.

  • If One Pedal Drive is activated, the car will not move forward, but it can roll away if the surface is tilted in the same direction as the selected gear position.

  • If One Pedal Drive is deactivated, the car will move slowly in the selected direction with a light press on the accelerator pedal.

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