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Cancel your subscription
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You can cancel an ongoing monthly reservation directly in the app. You can choose to cancel at any time from when the reservation has started–until 3 days before the renewal of a new 30-day period. In the reservation details in the app you’ll see when the last day to cancel is.

Example: Your monthly reservation renews on August 15. You need to cancel by August 12 at the latest.

Please note that your subscription will automatically renew if you don’t cancel 3 days before the next 30-day period. The cost is then deducted as usual from your chosen payment method on the first day of a new period.

What if I end my subscription early? Is it possible to only pay for half a month?

When you’re driving with a monthly reservation, the cost is charged on the first day of every 30-day period. You’ll always pay for a 30-day period, which means that if you cancel early you will not get any money back but you will have access to the car the whole period.

If you’re not in need of a car for as long as a whole month, you can reserve a car on a weekly basis. Read more about our plans and prices here.

Can I cancel before the subscription starts?

You can easily cancel your subscription directly in the Volvo On Demand app. Cancellation before the subscription period starts can be done 4 hours before the start time if you drive with Free and 30 minutes before the start date if you drive with Premium.

For example: If your reservation starts on June 17, cancellation can be done on June 17 at 03.30 am (Free), and June 17 at 07.00 (Premium).

Please note that If your subscription has already started, a cancellation can be made no later than 3 days before the renewal of the next 30-day period.

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