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What's the difference between our price plans?
What's the difference between our price plans?
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  • Free. Simplicity for you who drive occasionally.

  • Plus. Flexibility for you who drive regularly.

  • Super. Full freedom and predictability for you that drive a lot.

Super is for you who drive frequently and value the convenience of having access to a car without the hassle of ownership. Always with fixed low prices. You get tailored benefits like full flexibility with the option of short 30-minute bookings, early returns, late cancellations, and the privilege of booking unlimited trips up to a year in advance. With Plus, you get some of the features of Super, but still with the dynamic pricing. Learn more about our plans here.


You can find information on how our dynamic pricing works on our website. The difference between Super and our other plans, Plus and Free, is that with Super, you have fixed costs.

What do Plus and Super cost?

Upgrade to Plus for 149 kr per month and Super for 595 kr per month. Change or cancel Plus and Super whenever you want.

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