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How does the cancelling work with Free?
How does the cancelling work with Free?
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4 hour cancelation. You can cancel a trip 4 hours before it starts, free of charge. If you cancel less than 4 hours before, you'll pay half the reservation price. If you cancel after it starts, you'll pay the full reservation price. Please note, these rules apply regardless of the length of your reservation.

Edit an upcoming reservation. You'll find all upcoming reservations in the calendar in the app. From there, you cancel the reservation, change the car model, reservation time, and station.

Did the trip take longer than expected? If the car you're driving isn't reserved after you, you can extend your reservation in the app. You'll pay per minute and kilometer after your original reservation has ended. If you're not able to extend the reservation but know you'll be late coming back to the station, it's important you reach out to Customer Care.

Remember, with Free, you always pay for the full reservation, even if you return the car early.

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