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  • There's no start button; the car is ready to drive when you get in. Just put the gear in Drive or Reverse.

  • Charging during your trip is not included in the price. You decide where to charge. The GPS system in the car indicates charging stations along your route if you enter a destination.

  • The best way to charge an electric car is to use a a dedicated charging box for electric cars.

  • For shorter trips, you usually don't need to charge the car. Just remember to always connect the charging cable to the car when you finish your booking.

Starting and driving

How much battery does the car have when I pick it up?

We make sure you have enough battery for your booking. If you have booked a longer trip, we guarantee that you have at least 80% charged battery at the start of the booking. For shorter trips, if we believe that you can reach your destination with less battery, you may receive a car with less than 80% battery, but still enough to get you where you need.

By a short journey, we generally mean a trip that is shorter than 8 hours.

How do I start the car?

There's no start button; the car is ready to drive when you get in. Just put the gear in Drive or Reverse.

How do I unplug the charging cable?

  1. Unlock the car.

  2. Open the charging lid and press the round button to release the cable.

What charging cables should be in the car?

Our cars are equipped with a Type 2 charging cable. The cable is attached in the car's trunk with a wire. Unplug the cable from the charging station and place both the cable and wire in the trunk when you drive away.

Our Polestars also have a Schuko cable with a household connector. Always check the requirements before plugging in the Schuko cable, many household sockets don’t support charging of cars.

For fast charging, use the cable provided by the charging station.

How do I charge the car?

Press the charging lid to open it, then attach the cable. To unplug the cable, you need to unlock the car first.

Is charging included?

No. For longer trips, expect to charge during the journey. Enter your final destination in the car's navigation system (Google Maps) when the journey starts, and the car will show the best route and when/where you need to charge. You can also download the apps ABRP or ChargeFinder to easily see where you can charge the car on longer trips.

Not all charging stations are free. Several services have apps for payment, and you may need to create an account to use them.

Ending your reservation

What should I think about when ending a reservation with an electric car?

Make sure the car is charging before you end your reservation.

If the car is not charging, the app will remind you to plug the cable in. If charging doesn't work, please go to "Having trouble charging?" in the app and let us know before ending the reservation.

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