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What about charging the battery during my trip?
What about charging the battery during my trip?
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Plan your trip assuming you may need to charge the car, especially if you're driving a longer distance.

Charging is included, and all electric cars are equipped with a charging card that can be used for charging at Circle K and MER stations. Read the instructions on the charging post; you just need to tap the card and start the charging.

The easiest way is to download the Circle K Charge app to find charging stations. You don't need to create an account to see the stations.

If there is no Circle K or MER nearby, chat or email in the receipt for the charging along with your bank details, and we will reimburse the cost. We reimburse charging up to 5 kr/kWh. Some fast chargers cost more than that, in which case we use your receipt to reimburse up to 5 kr/kWh.

Our cars are equipped with a Type 2 charging cable. The cable is attached in the car's trunk with a wire.

Our Polestars also have a Schuko cable with a household connector. Always check the requirements before plugging in the Schuko cable, many household sockets don’t support charging of cars.

For fast charging, use the cable provided by the charging station, known as CCS connector.

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