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How far can I drive on a fully charged battery?
How far can I drive on a fully charged battery?
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The driving range depends on several factors such as temperature, driving style, terrain, traffic conditions, etc. A fully charged Polestar 2, XC40 Recharge or C40 would normally give a range of 320-450 km depending on these factors. During winter and cold weather, this range is significantly shorter.

You can see your battery status on the dashboard when the car is on. You'll also be able to see the driving range in the built-in navigation app.

A useful feature to make the battery last longer are to use One Pedal Drive. Also, avoid hard accelerations, and keep in mind that electric cars consume more energy at speeds over 90 km/h. Winter and cold? Use the seat heater instead of the cabin heater, brush off heavy snow from the car before you drive off, and if you have a longer reservation, it's better to use fast chargers in the evening when the car will be stationary for a while after it has been fully charged

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