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How does the credit check work?
How does the credit check work?
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We do what's called a micro credit-check on everyone creating a new account with Volvo On Demand. This happens after you've agreed to our terms & conditions (see terms & conditions 2.8), and it's the last step in the registration process.

The micro credit-check is done via CreditSafe and is a less extensive credit check that will not affect your future credit score if you apply for loans, for example.

This is what we look for in the credit check:

  • You need to have an annual income of at least 150 000 kr

  • You can not have any payment remarks / you can not have any record of non-payment

  • You need to be a registered resident of Sweden

The credit check is based on your declared income. If your most recent declared income does not show up in the credit check, we might need to do a manual review. If the credit check does not go through, although you know you fill the requirement, please reach out to Customer Care.

If you register a Business account, we perform a credit check on your organization. No credit check is needed for the employees you invite to drive on your business account.

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