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Protecting your account
Protecting your account

Here’s a summary of how we safeguard your Volvo On Demand account and suggestions for additional steps you can take to protect it.

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At Volvo On Demand, we aren’t just concerned about your safety in the car; we also care about your data safety. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Volvo On Demand safeguards your account through verifying your identity at key stages

  • Create a strong unique password to further protect your account

  • Keep your device software up-to-date

How Volvo On Demand safeguards your account

We take steps to verify your identity at various points in your usage of our service. These identity checks enable us to:

  • Ensure that it is truly you who is driving our cars

  • Update your account information when needed or requested

When you reach out to Customer Care with questions about your account and your bookings we verify your identity with BankID.

What additional measures you can take

Maintain password best practice

We recommend creating passwords that are:

  • Strong: a password consisting of a minimum of 8 characters, preferably more, and a unique combination of letters, special characters, and numbers. If this is tricky for you, consider a password generator service.

  • Unique: a password that’s exclusive to your Volvo On Demand account. Creating a different password for each online service you use minimizes the risk of someone getting hold of one password and compromising all your other accounts simultaneously.

Keep software up-to-date

General online security best practice recommends keeping your devices’ operating systems and/or anti-virus software up-to-date.

Contact us if your phone is lost or stolen

As an additional security measure, if your phone is lost or stolen, please reach out to our customer care team so that we can secure your account.

If your phone offers fingerprint or FaceID recognition, consider enabling them to provide extra protection in the event of loss or theft.

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