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How do I sign up for a Business account?
How do I sign up for a Business account?

What you need to know to sign up your organization to Business.

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Business offers a smarter and more sustainable way to drive cars. Avoid the handling of cars and the costs that come with them.

  • Easy management of your company account through our Dashboard

  • Your employees book cars directly in the app

  • With our price plans, you can scale up and down your account as needed– without any binding times and long contracts

As an administrator, you manage the account directly on the web. Our Dashboard makes it easy for you to manage users, journals, and invoices all in one place.

Easily give your employees access as a driver in your organization. Your employees download our app and can book our cars at short notice or plan long term.

We have three different price plans for different needs; Start, Go, and Drive. You can sign up for our Start plan directly on our website. If you want to sign up for Go or Drive plan, leave your contact information by clicking on the Contact us button under the comparison here.

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