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How do I manage my Business account as an admin?
How do I manage my Business account as an admin?

Manage your Business account through the Dashboard. Start by giving your employees access to Volvo On Demand.

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Whichever plan you choose, managing a Business account is easy and intuitive. Regardless of which plan you’re on, the Dashboard allows admins to:

  • Add/remove employees and invite them to become drivers

  • View driver trip history

  • See account details

  • Chat with customer care

The first step is to invite your employees so that they can start booking cars with Volvo On Demand. How to do so differs between plans:

Once you’ve registered your organization on the Start Plan, you will automatically be logged in to the Dashboard as an administrator. In the Dashboard, you can add and remove employees and invite them to become drivers. Once added, each employee will receive an automated email with a link to download the app and info on how to create their own account.

Go and Drive
With our Go and Drive plans, you will have access to the ‘domain registration’ feature. This means that employees will automatically be added to your organization account as drivers. All your employees need to do is download the app, and create an account with their work email address.

You can still manually add and remove employees from your organization at any time via the Dashboard. 

I’m an admin, but I also want to drive with Volvo On Demand. How?
It’s easy! Simply download the app, and log in with the same email and password used to create your admin account

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