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Do you have child seats?
Do you have child seats?

Place your child seat in the ISOFIX fitting points in the backseat of our cars.

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Here's some information that can be useful if you're traveling with kids:

  • Bring your own child seat

  • Place the child seat in the backseat

  • It's not allowed to disengage the airbag 

We want everybody to travel safely in our cars. That’s why it’s not allowed to disengage the airbag. Children weighing 15-25 kg (approximately 3-6 years) are the safest facing the rear, in the backseat, on the passenger side.

You can’t deactivate the passenger-side airbag during your booking. However, if you happen to receive a car where the airbag is deactivated, follow the steps below to reactivate it:

The airbag switch can be found on the side of the passenger-side instrument panel and becomes accessible when the door is opened.

1. Pull the switch outward and rotate it from OFF to ON.

2. The driver display should show the passenger airbag ON.

3. If the message doesn’t appear, confirm by pressing the O button on the right steering wheel keypad.

A text message and a warning symbol will then appear in the overhead console, indicating the front passenger airbag is activated.
ON - Airbag is activated
OFF - Airbag is deactivated

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