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Winter Driving with Volvo On Demand
Winter Driving with Volvo On Demand

Tips for your snowy adventures.

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Driving in winter conditions can be a challenge. We want to make sure you have what you need to feel confident and safe behind the wheel and to make the most of your winter adventure.

  • Drive safe with non-studded winter tires

  • Open the through-load hatch in the backseat to make room for your skis.

  • Need a roof box? You're more than welcome to attach your own roof box to the car.

  • Enjoy a heated car with our parking heater.

  • Plan your trip so that the car's battery lasts - applies to all car models.

Winter Tires

All our cars have winter tires, but not with spikes.

Take care of the car battery

The car battery, present in all cars, including electric cars, requires a little extra care when it's really cold outside.

Drive the car at least as long as you've warmed it up. If you started the parking heater from the app 15 minutes before starting the engine, drive for at least 15 minutes to reduce wear on the car battery.

Do you have the car for several days when it's cold? Avoid having the car standing for more than a day if it's below minus ten degrees, as there's a risk the car battery won't start.

Make the battery in your electric car last longer

Use seat heating instead of cabin heating, sweep away heavy snow from the car before you leave, and if you have a longer booking, use fast chargers in the evening when the car will be stationary for a while after it's been charged.

Regardless of the weather, the One Pedal Drive feature makes the battery last longer. Also, avoid hard accelerations, and remember that electric cars consume more energy at speeds over 90 km/h.


Opening the through-load hatch in the rear seat allows you to fit your skis without reclining the seats. If you remove the bindings from your skis, the hole through the back seat can fit up to eight pairs of skis.

If you're into Nordic Skiing, choose a XC90 with a 1900 mm depth between the trunk to the driver's seat.

Roof box 

Bring your roof box on the adventure! Need more space for your skis? All our cars are equipped with integrated rails so you can bring and attach your own roof box. Remember to bring your own straps to fasten the box to the roof rack.

Parking heater

Warm up your car before stepping into it! Read more about our parking heater here.

On our electric cars, the parking heater automatically turns on before your booking starts.

Psst! All our cars are also equipped with ice scrapers! If you can't find it, look under the floor in the trunk!

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