How do I use a hybrid car?

A part of our fleet is hybrid cars. A hybrid car combines an electric motor with a petrol engine.

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All you need to know when using our hybrids:

  • A hybrid car combines an electric motor with a petrol engine

  • You always have support from the petrol engine, so the distance is never a problem

  • Each hybrid has a specific charging cable so be sure to bring it with you on your journey when you pick up the car

How do I plug out the cable?

Plug out the charging cable when you've opened the car. If you can't plug out the cable for some reason simply lock and unlock the car, and then try again.

Our hybrid cars have three different drive modes:

  • Pure is the mode when you only use electric power. When the battery is fully charged you can drive about 45 km in up to 125 km/h.

  • Hybrid mode is optimal for most driving conditions. In Hybrid mode the car uses the electric motor and the internal combustion engine to best effect, maximizing efficiency while minimizing emissions. 

  • Power combines the power of the electric motor and the combustion engine to deliver a truly high-performance driving experience.

Always charge the car when you're done. When returning the car, please make sure you leave it in the same spot where you picked it up. Make sure to plug in the car when it’s parked.

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